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Welcome to Marcello Meldi

The LMFL is very pleased to have a new permanent member since January 1, 2022. Marcello Meldi has indeed obtained a full Professor position at Arts et Métiers, Lille.
28 Janvier 2022

EUCASS-3AF (27 June - 1 July 2022)

The LMFL will be part of the Local Steering Committee of the "9th European Conference of Aerospace Sciences" organised by EUCASS. This edition has received the support of the Association Aéronautique et Astronautique de France (3AF) and will be carried out with the partnership of the clusters Aér'Hauts-de-France, Normandie Aerospace and Skywin for Belgium. The LMFL will propose a cross-cutting session on "flow control".
07 Octobre 2021

Lille Turbulence Program 2021

The LMFL is launching the first edition of the "Lille Turbulence Program" this year. The event which will be renewed each year takes place over 4 weeks in July. About twenty international guests are invited to present and discuss their work, think about new avenues of research and collaborations or work on the experimental and numerical LMFL's databases of turbulent flows. The 2021 edition had to be adapted because of the health crisis. About ten guests are present at the LMFL and those who have not been able to come follow the webinars online.
14 Juillet 2021

PIV campaign in an axial compressor CME2 of ENSAM

End of a one month and a half test campaign on the axial compressor test bench CME2 at ENSAM Lille using optical metrology (PIV). This has been the first experiences of this kind conducted on this compressor, with its share of good and bad surprises. Several configurations of interest have been documented, including cases close to stall, with and without active flow control and with various level of inlet distortions.
05 Juillet 2021

Focus on "Turbulent-Nonturbulent Interface"

The CNRS spotlights the recent paper of J.C. Vassilicos with G. Cafiero (from Surrey University) entitled "Non-equilibrium Scaling of the Turbulent-Nonturbulent Interface Speed in Planar Jets" published in Physical Review Letters.
18 Décembre 2020

LMFL Webinar

The LMFL is launching its weekly seminar/webinar, which will take place on Thursdays at 4:30 p.m. Some speakers will give their presentation from the building Boussinesq (M6) of the LMFL (Campus of Villeneuve d'Ascq) but will be broadcast by the zoom application. The first speaker will be Alexander Smits of Princeton University on Thursday, October 29. The next speakers will be posted periodically on the LMFL website and distributed by email. If you want to receive the ads you can register with Francesco Romano (
23 Octobre 2020