13 juillet 2022 par Super Administrateur
Christos Vassilicos obtained an ERC Advanced Grant on "Non-stationary Non-homogeneous Turbulence" (NoStaHo) for the period 2022-2027. This first ERC for LMFL is a great opportunity to strengthen the team working on turbulence.

ERC Advanced Grant NoStaHO — Non-stationay non-homogeneous turbulence

The past 5 years have seen a number of advances which overturn cornerstone turbulence textbook material and create an unprecedented opportunity for a potentially decisive breakthrough in our fundamental and general understanding of turbulent flows which are typically non stationary and/or non-homogeneous. These recent advances concern non-stationarity and non-homogeneity in fundamental ways and open new research opportunities with many new questions and hypotheses. This project will seize these new research opportunities with a combination of laboratory, computational and theoretical methods applied to a variety of turbulent flows including various turbulent wakes, jets, boundary layers as well as turbulent channel flow, periodic turbulence and confined turbulent flows such as mixers. The expected outcome is a an extensively transformative fundamental understanding and theory of non-stationary and/or nonhomogeneous turbulence, and a consequent road map for future disruptive turbulent flow prediction methods.

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