Final meeting of the ACONIT CleanSky project

07 mars 2024 par Super Administrateur
The final meeting of the EU-funded ACONIT project coordinated by A. Dazin (ENSAM) took place few weeks ago. The aim of the project was to design, produce and demonstrate actuators for flow control that to be integrated into a compressor stage of a full-scale aircraft engine.

The partners have developed actuators. These actuators send jets of air locally in order to delay the onset of unstable phenomena in the compressor’s internal flows, thereby increasing the pumping margin, the indicator used in aeronautics to represent the operating range of compressors.
With these actuators, engine bench tests showed increases in this margin of the order of 50% at certain speeds. Safran, which acted as Advisory Board on the project, is also showing interest in this solution.

See the interview of Antoine Dazin (in French)

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