LMFL/CEA joined experiment in GVK

16 September 2022 par Super Administrateur
A team from LMFL realized, with their collaborators of the Service de Physique de l'Etat Condensé of the CEA Saclay, an experiment of 4D-PTV in the new experimental device GVK (Giant Von Karman) of the CEA in the framework of the ANR EXPLOIT.

First results of the LMFL/CEA joined experiments in GVK

The analysis of the first results of this experiment, published in the journal Physical Review Letters, showed a clear correlation between areas of high dispersion of the measured Lagrangian trajectories, sign of irreversibility, and highly dissipative areas pointing to singularities, and this for different Reynolds numbers.

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A. Cheminet, D. Geneste, A. Barlet, Y. Ostovan, T. Chaabo, V. Valori, P. Debue, C. Cuvier, F. Daviaud, J.-M. Foucaut, J.-P. Laval, V. Padilla, C. Wiertel, B. Dubrulle. Eulerian vs Lagrangian irreversibility in an experimental turbulent swirling flow, Physical Review Letters 129, 124501 (2022)

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