Lille Turbulence Program 2023

03 March 2023 par Alexandre Burgnies
The LMFL is launching the third edition of the "Lille Turbulence Program (LTP)". The event, which is renewed each year takes place over 4 weeks in June and July. The start and end dates this year are Monday 18 June and Thursday 13 July 2013. About twenty to thirty international guests are invited to stay for up to 4 weeks to present and discuss their work, think about and initiate new avenues of research and collaborations or/and work on the experimental and numerical LMFL's databases of turbulent flows. The visiting researchers can benefit from the LMFL experimental facilities, in particular its 20m-long wind tunnel, and generate original data.

The LTP includes an internal seminar series. The program of the daily LTP seminar series for 2023 is available here.

List of LTP attendees (outside LMFL) are: A. Alexakis (ENS Paris, FR), D. Biau (Arts et Métiers, Paris, FR), W. Bos (ECL, Lyon, FR), J.G. Brasseur (Univ. Colorado, USA), P. Costa (Univ. Islande), L. Danaila (Univ. Rouen, FR), S. Diwan (IISc, Inde), J. Farnsworth (Univ. Colorado, USA), J. Friedrich (Univ. Oldenburg, DE), A. Fuchs (Univ. Oldenburg, DE), A. Gayout (Univ. Groningen, NL), M. Hoelling (Univ. Oldenburg, DE) S. Kroll (Univ. Warsaw, PL), S. Malinowski (Univ. Varsovie, PL), J. Nowak (Univ. Varsovie, PL), M. Obligado (LEGI, Grenoble, FR), J. Peinke (Univ. Oldenburg, DE), Y. Pomeau (Laboratoire d’Hydrodynamique, École Polytechnique, FR), S. Sheppard (Univ. Colorado, USA), K. Steiros (Imperial College London, UK), F. Thiesset (CORIA, Rouen, FR), A. Vela-Martin (Univ. Bremen, DE), M. Waclawczyk (Univ. Varsovie, PL), M. Waechter (Univ. Oldenburg, DE), R. Zamanski (IMFT, Toulouse, FR).

An OPENING WORKSHOP ON TURBULENT FLOWS is scheduled for the LTP’s first week, specifically from Tuesday 20 to Thursday 22 June 2023. The presentations at the workshop will be broadcast by videoconference. The workshop is open (with no fee) to external audience with a maximum of 10 on site people and no limit by visio-conference.

The program of the Opening Workshop is available here

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