Prof. L. Cattafesta, invited by Univ. Lille – June 2019

17 mai 2019 par Super Administrateur
Prof. L. Cattafesta is invited during June 2019 by the LMFL to study the dynamics of wake vortices.

Ongoing projects at FSU and at LMFL on this fundamental topic will be brought together during an original experimental campaign in the hydrodynamic tow tank facility at LMFL-ONERA. In particular, the instabilities of wake vortices will be measured by stereo PIV system and stability analysis will be performed to better understand the behavior in time and space of the vortex dynamic dissipation. Flow control solutions will be investigated based on the findings.

During his visit, Prof. L. Cattafesta will give different talks and short courses:
– Seminar on Wake vortices and their control on Friday, June 14th (9:30am – M6 Building, Villeneuve d’Ascq).
– Course on Flow Control on Thursday, June 20th (ONERA Lille).
– Course on Instrumentation & Measure on Monday, June 24th ( M6 Building, Villeneuve d’Ascq).

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