Topic 2: Rotating flows

This theme is focused on the analysis and the modeling of internal or external flows linked to rotating machines (turbo-machinery, rotors, windmills, tidal generators) in degenerated flow conditions.

Contact: Antoine DAZIN.

The two following cases are particularly studied:

– A mismatch of the working point and in particular the turbo-machinery operations with partial flows and the consequent non-stationary and unstable condition.

– The interactions with other fixed or mobile parts.

Wall pressure measurement in an axial compressor by an work point close to the uncoupling Tomoscopic visualization of the wing tip vortex of an helicopter

– The presence of cavitation and/or a diphasic supply (including the thermodynamic effects in cryogenic fluids).

Speed fields in the liquid phase in the center of a cavitant flow over a Venturi profile, made by bubble and particle images obtained with fast imaging RX in synchrotron

– The transitory working of machines in which the system effects is now considered.

This theme relies on the test facilities of the laboratory’s Rotating Machines Platform. It consists in the partnership with the H2T team from ONERA and with industrials from the aeronautical and airspace sectors.