Lille 2-3 December 2019

UK Fluid Invited Speakers

List of invited speakers:

  • Prof. Bérengère DUBRULLE (CNRS Paris, France)
  • Prof. Kouji NAGATA (Nagoya, Japan)
  • Prof. Gorachand LAYEK (Burdwan, India)
  • Prof. Christos VASSILICOS (CNRS Lille, France)
  • Prof. Chris KEYLOCK (Loughborough, UK)
  • Prof. Nir NAVON (Yale University, USA)
  • Prof. Andrew WHEELER (Cambridge, UK)
  • Prof. Jean-Philippe LAVAL (CNRS Lille, France)

UK Fluid Home

A two days workshop will be organized in Lille jointly by the LMFL and the SIG « Non Equilibrium Turbulence » of the UK fluid network with the support of Fédération de Recherche CNRS « Transport Terrestre et Mobilité ». The objective of this SIG accelerate understanding of non-equilibrium turbulence in various settings, and promote the development of predictive modelling tools that take into account non-equilibrium physics. The workshop will include invited lectures on non-equibrium turbulence and energy cascades in several flows, near singularities and their link with energy dissipation.

To attend please register by sending an email to jean-philippe.laval@univ-lille.fr before november 9th