13 février 2020

Séminaire Nicolas Binder

Nicolas Binder est professeur à l’ISAE-SUPAERO de Toulouse, au département d’Aérodynamique, Énergétique et propulsion (DAEP). Il a soutenu sa thèse à l’ENSICA en 2004, puis a intégré l’ISAE en tant qu’enseignant-chercheur en 2006. Ses travaux de recherche concernent l’aérodynamique des turbomachines en situation de hors-adaptation sévère, sujet de son HDR soutenue en 2016. Il est actuellement à la tête du groupe de recherche « turbomachine et Propulsion » du DAEP.
Instantaneous performance of turbines in severe transient operation: a fundamental approach

Pulsed flows in turbines have many industrial applications. However, the influence of pulsed flow on turbine performance is complex and imperfectly understood. There is no evident consensus in the literature regarding generic trends. Those are difficult to extract since a majority of studies are based on industrial geometries (mainly turbocharging radial turbines), which involve strong interactions between many physical phenomena. In order to isolate and understand the main expression of the physics, the problem needs further simplifications, and a clear assessment of the relevant time scales of the problem together with performance indicators fit for unsteady flows. The seminar proposes a review of the research conducted on that purpose at ISAE-SUPAERO which led to consider the academic case of a severe transient regime inside a thin airfoil cascade, caused by a sudden change of inlet conditions. Simulations with increasing complexity (from 1D Euler, to 3D LES) are deployed in order to isolate the driving mechanisms.



13 février 2020, 10h0011h00
Bâtiment M6 Avenue Paul Langevin Villeneuve d'Ascq