27 octobre 2022

Webinar Antoine Dazin

Pr Antoine Dazin obtained his PhD at Lille University in 2003. After a post-doc at CNES (2004-2006), he has been associate professor (2006-2016) and is currently full professor (2016-) at Arts et Metiers, Campus de Lille. He is in charge of the research thematic ‘Rotating flows’ at LMFL and his research activities is focusing on the internal flow behavior of pumps and compressors operating far from their design points. He is currently the scientific coordinator of a European Project on flow control in turbomachinery (aconit.ensam.eu) and has been involved in many collaborative projects with the spatial and aeronautical industry.
Active flow control for axial compressors surge margin improvement

Abstract: Axial compressors are key elements for the performance of modern aero-engines. The main aerodynamic phenomena limiting their operating rage are instabilities known as ‘rotating stall’ and ‘surge’, which can have dramatic effect on the machine or its environment. They deprive the compressor from its higher pressure ratios.
The use of an active flow control system blowing continuous or pulsed jets at the compressor rotor tip to avoid or post-pone rotating stall is introduced and tested on a single stage axial compressor test bench. The effect of the different control parameters on the efficiency of the control system is discussed and an analysis of the effect of the flow physics in the blade passage is proposed.

27 octobre 2022, 16h3017h30
LMFL M6 building & online (please contact J-P Laval or F. Romano for the link)