15 octobre 2020

Seminar Jiangang Chen

Dr. Jiangang Chen obtained his PhD in fluid mechanics in 2018 at Harbin Institute of Technology in China. After a year of research association in the same university, he joined the lab of fluid mechanics in Lille in October of 2019 as a postdoc, working together with Prof. Christos Vassilicos on the non-equilibrium dissipation phenomenon in turbulence. His study interest mainly focuses on the coherent structures in turbulence and its interaction with the small-scale motions.
A universal turbulence dissipation inhomogeneity law in the wake of two side-by-side square cylinders

The topic of this seminar is the scaling of the turbulent kinetic energy dissipation rate. The non-equilibrium energy dissipation rate scaling has been observed in various turbulent flows (e.g. see review by Vassilicos in ARFM 2015). However, all previous studies on the non-equilibrium energy dissipation phenomenon have focused on non-stationarity, i.e. dissipation evolution in time and in streamwise direction (closely related by mean flow convection). The present study focuses on non-homogeneity and examines the scaling of the energy dissipation rate in the lateral direction in the wake of two side-by-side square cylinders, aiming to provide insight into the non-equilibrium dissipation phenomenon in space rather than time.





15 octobre 2020, 16h3017h30
Bâtiment M6, Cité Scientifique, Villeneuve d'Ascq, France