13 juin 2022

HDR Joran Rolland

HDR defense of Joran Rolland, Assistant Professor at Centrale Lille Institut
Study and hydraulic modeling of an energy storage system by dynamic control of a pump-turbine-valve circuit

This habilitation thesis presents work I have performed during the last decade, after the defence of my PhD thesis. Topically, it presents the study of two main kinds of turbulent flows: transitional wall turbulence and geophysical flows. I have mostly been interested in the rare switches of large scale circulations and radiation of small scale structures in these flows. For this matter, I have contributed to the design and test of rare events simulation methods that can greatly accelerate the computation of the switch trajectories and their probability of occurrence. With these tools, I have been able to study the physical mechanisms of rare events like the collapse of wall turbulence. I have discussed the results using theoretical descriptions of rare events, often based on a large deviations formulation. In parallel, I have designed semi empirical probabilistic models for these flows that have shown their quantitative or qualitative predictive power for rare events and transitional turbulence. These works open perspectives for further study of multistable flow that I am currently performing in LMFL.


13 juin 2022, 14h0017h00
LMFL, Batiment M6, Blv Paul Langevin, Cité Scientifique, Villeneuve d'Ascq

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Esteban Ferrer is a professor of applied mathematics at the School of Aeronautics (ETSIAE-UPM). He obtained his Ph.D. by the University of Oxford (UK) and has 20 years of industrial and academic experience in developing numerical techniques for fluid problems. He works actively with industry and coordinates the two EU projects. His main interests include high-order methods for fluid dynamics, turbulence modelling, machine learning, aeroacoustics for aeronautics and wind energy. He has written more than 90 journal and conference papers on these topics.