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10 octobre 2019 par Super Administrateur
Since October 1st, a new member joined the LMFL. Christos Vassilicos obtained a permanent senior researcher position (Director of Research) at CNRS and is affected to the LMFL.

C. Vassilicos started his career at the University of Cambridge and was, since 2003, Professor of Fluid Mechanics at Imperial College London. His research is in the fundamentals and applications of turbulent flows. He published significant contributions in many aspects of turbulence theory supported by experimental and numerical data. To cite a few, he introduced the study of turbulent flows generated by fractal/multi-scale objects, discovered a new turbulence dissipation and interscale energy flux law for non-equilibrium turbulence as well as resulting turbulent wake and jet scaling laws, made contributions to the understanding of clustering of inertial particles in turbulent flows, and more recently to wall turbulence. He was awarded an ERC Advanced grant (2013-2018) and has been the PI of many European and UK Grants. He has supervised and trained 34 completed doctoral students and 14 Post-docs researchers.

C. Vassilicos joined the CNRS and the LMFL for an accelerated development of his research on turbulence. He will benefit from the support of an “Excellence Project” from I-SITE, Région Haut de France and Métrolope de Lille aimed at the fundamental understanding and modeling of non-equilibrium turbulent flows. This project includes several PhD students and Post-doctoral researchers and will investigate the physics of turbulent wakes and jets, wall-bounded turbulent flows and and swirling flows.

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