1 ans

Post-doc: Turbulence DYNamics around wind and marine turbine blades (DYNEOL)

The post-doc de 12 mois est à pourvoir idéalement pour Septembre 2020

The project ANR Dyneol is part of a research project on onshore or offshore wind turbines. Today, little is known about the dynamic response of a wind turbine as a
function of the upstream flow to which it is subjected. In addition, with the emergence of wind farms, there is a strong wind turbine to wind turbine interaction. This interaction can cause performance drops or premature fatigue of a generator that will be subjected to an intermittent field. In this context, the aim is to quantify the dynamics of a turbulent flow on a wind turbine blade profile or a full wind turbine as a function of the upstream flow which is a turbulent boundary layer.
The Post Doctoral Fellow will have expertise in experimental measurements of turbulent flows in the unique LMFL boundary layer wind tunnel. The goal is to measure the Turbulent flow both around a wind turbine blade and a vertical Darrieus-type wind turbine. The focus will be put on the fluid structure interaction when the natural turbulence of the boundary layer interact with the blade. The measurement will be done mainly by means of PIV or Stereoscopic PIV. These experiment will be done in collaboration with Coria of Rouen and Pprime of Poitier s in the frame of the ANR DYNEOL.

Jean-Marc Foucaut - Contacter
Blv Paul Langevin
Cité Scientifique
F-59655 Villeneuve d'Ascq

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