Workshop « Advanced Aerospace Designs by Innovative Flow Control Technology » (joined with EUCASS2021)

04 octobre 2019 par Super Administrateur
Le LMFL organise en partenariat avec l'EUCASS un workshop intitulé "Advanced Aerospace Designs by Innovative Flow Control Technology". Toutes les informations sont disponibles sur le site (

Flow control is one of the most promising avenues for developing alternative design and greener solutions to current air vehicles. The theoretical and technological difficulties are however very challenging. The objective of this workshop is to place the various scientific communities involved in front of the operational and technical realities. The invited keynote speakers are among the most eminent specialists in both aerospace industry and research institutions and academia. The event will be a unique opportunity for European and worldwide researchers to showcase their work and to exchange with the most prominent academic and industrial specialists. A conference in French will also be given to the general public to confront scientists’ views and citizens’ preoccupations: this conference will fit besides the numerous events planned along the year, on the occasion of “Lille World Design Capital 2020”.

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