Research in the Laboratory is organized in four thematics. See more below.

1. Turbulent flow and control

This theme aims to study, model and control turbulent flows with an approach based on either experimental and numerical aspects.

2. Measurement and Data Analysis

This theme aims the the development of tools and experimental methods, as well as its characterization, for studying turbulent flows and the development of methodologies the control and the data enrichment.

3. Rotating flows

This theme is focused on the analysis and the modeling of internal or external flows linked to rotating machines (turbo-machinery, rotors, windmills, tidal generators) in degenerated flow conditions.

4. Flight dynamics in unsteady and non uniform environments

This theme concerns the development of tools and methods (experimental and analytical) to determine the evolving comportment of aircrafts flying with slow speed in a perturbed flight space and/or in a non conventional flight domain.